Before it goes into pay-for-article land, Gothamist recommends you read last Sunday's awesome City section article about the Department of Sanitation. Reporter Field Maloney got to work with "san men" and learned where the sewer rats are (Broadway, from the Garment District to Union Square), what "mongo" is, and why you should turn your head when garbage is being put through the hopper. But it doesn't seem like he ran into any urban whitefish. Gothamist has been fascinated with the city's trash because (a) it tells us who we are and (b) we are repelled yet curious about maggots and the like. As it is, the Mayor is looking to revamp certain garbage programs, but needs City Council agreement (and who knows if that'll happen, especially since the Mayor wants to build a solid waster center in Gifford Miller's 'hood).

More about what the City's Strongest do, Louis Gagliotto still hasn't taken a sick day, and could ninja cats help our garbage problems?

Photo of Department Sanitation garage mascot "Cat" from Robert Stolarik for the NY Times