For those of you that still collect baseball cards (are there any left), be on the lookout for a joke card from Topps. The card manufacturer of our childhood, Topps is sneaking in a card with the former mayor and Yankees fan as a member of the Red Sox. You ask, "'But that's just nuts! He's a Yankees fan through and through! Why would Topps do such a thing?'" Well, because Rudy said in October that he was actually rooting for the Red Sox in the World Series.

The AP reports that about 1 in 70 packs of Topps cards will have a picture of Giuliani celebrating on the field with the Red Sox after their 2007 World Series win over the Colorado Rockies. The former mayor is shown celebrating with his fist in the air behind the Red Sox team celebrating on the field.

Topps didn't consult the former contender for the GOP Presidential nomination and Giuliani didn't return the AP's calls for a comment. It's not the first time Topps has magically placed people into cards. Just last year, the company put President Bush and Mickey Mantle in a card with Derek Jeter at Yankee Stadium.

While both cards may be funny, it comes as a desperate attempt by Topps to boost card sales to us.