trafficlight.jpgSixty-year-old Alextus Avolonteze had little chance of avoiding her accident. She was crossing a street in her Brooklyn neighborhood, when a car inched into an intersection as a faulty traffic light refused to switch from red to green. An oncoming car slammed into the impatient Isuzu, which then hopped the curb and pinned Avolenteze against a building. The faulty traffic light is being blamed for the accident, which resulted in Alextus Avolonteze's death at a Brooklyn hospital, a half hour after the incident. The Dept. of Transportation is apologetic:

"This was terrible accident and our thought and prayers are with the family of the victim and those who are injured," the Department of Transportation said. "Our contractor had been at the sight earlier today prior to the accident to make repairs and we are currently investigating the situation."

Neighbors said that the non-working light had been an on-going issue for more than two years. DOT workers fixed the light in 10 to 15 minutes once the accident scene was cleared. And we're getting tired of cutting and pasting this into posts: "There were no charges filed against the driver, cops said."

(Upper West Side, by Skaines at flickr)