Police seem to struggle with the proper etiquette for pulling over cyclists, an activity in which they are engaging with increasing frequency. Is it correct to grab the cyclist by their handlebar as they pedal past, causing them to splatter across the ground into traffic? No. Is it to gallop toward them astride a magnificent steed, alerting them to their misdeeds from your lofty seat on a fine Arab charger? A thousand times yes.

There's no evidence that this was in fact the circumstance surrounding the above scene, which occurred this morning on the West Side Highway—the tipster who sent the photo arrived after the stop had been made. But there is something delightfully egalitarian about a cyclist getting stopped by a mounted officer, rather than a patrol car or even another bicycle. There is an elegant symmetry in this particular stop—the Rockwellian ideal of police enforcement.

Then again, this is New York City, not Montpelier, and in all likelihood the horse kicked the cyclist in the face a second later.