A wayward duck stumbled into the Jefferson Street L station in Jefftown, Bushwick this morning and made its way onto the tracks, prompting a nail-biting rescue by NYPD cops.

Sarah Daniel was headed to her job at a jewelry store in Soho at around 10 a.m. when she noticed that a train was being held at the end of the platform, and that there were people on the tracks. Upon closer inspection, she realized that those people were police officers and they were in the midst of saving the wayward mallard.

The duck, previously spunky as evidenced by its journey into the underground, was "pretty still" by the time officers came to save it, she said.

"They didn't have to fight much," Daniel said of the officers. "They just picked it up."

The whole procedure took around two minutes, she said. It's unclear how long the duck's foibles disrupted train service, or how the cops got the train operator's attention.

Here are the officers carrying the bird out of the station:

Earlier in the odyssey, a writer for the website Mic spotted the feathered explorer pacing around an emergency exit in the station. (See first video above.) He boarded a train before he could see what became of it.

"I'm glad he had a happy ending," Daniel said of the duck.

UPDATE, BREAKING 12:55 p.m.:

An NYPD spokesperson tells us that transit officers Frantz Chauvet and Anastasia Mischenko were on patrol when they encountered the duck at around 9:20 a.m. They called for backup from the Emergency Service Unit, an elite squad that handles rescues, talks down suicidal people, and responds to armed standoffs and hostage situations. Detectives Kevin Conway and Michael Black joined the beat cops for the rescue. From there, officers Chauvet and Mischenko carried the duck in a box—wrapped in crime scene tape—to Highland Park and released it near the reservoir, the spokesperson said.

Here is a video of the release. The cops seem to have named the bird "Presh."