Post offices have suffered a year of insufferable lines and rodent attacks, and now as a grand finale their terrible service is being featured in the Daily News. As holiday crowds rush to get their gifts shipped, there aren't enough USPS employees to keep things moving quickly.

Spokeswoman Darleene Reid-DeMeo explains, "We haven't seen mail volumes this low since 1966. It's been such a rough year, there's been very little additional hiring." The USPS usually hires temp workers to handle their 40% holiday increase in business, but this year they have to deal with the crowds without the extra help. She noted, however, that the cuts wouldn't hurt service at local post offices. That is probably true, customers are used to lack of help at their branches... just take a look at this video filmed at the Times Plaza Station in Brooklyn last month!

One customer at the Pratt Post Office in Clinton Hill told the News, "Everyone in line is mad because it takes so long, and everyone behind the glass is mad because everyone in line is mad." Even people in Spokane are feeling our post office pain — this man purchased a Star Trek figure on eBay from a man in Brooklyn, and wonders why they sent it all the way to Anchorage first. He sums up the experience, saying: "It's goddamn ridiculous... I was hoping to get my Klingon today."