2006_05_sidewalkdine.jpgOoh, the Department of Consumer Affairs is going to allow "unenclosed cafes" to place nonpropane heaters - think sidewalk cafes! The Post gets confirmation from the DCA that they're looking to make the heaters legal, and this is good news, especially after reading the Steve Cuozzo's suggestions for sidewalk dining the other week and how restaurants jump at installing them, because they are the "cheapest real estate in Manhattan." Gothamist loves sidewalk dining - great people watching, the din of the street is sometimes preferable to too-loud restaurants, and sometimes dogs will eat our scraps! One of our favorite stretches of sidewalk dining is West Broadway in Tribeca, where you can try your luck at getting seats at Odeon, Petite Abeille (we live for their rich macaroni and cheese with ham as it's the ultimate in comfort food), and Edwards. What about you?

On the downside, you could get pinned by an NYPD truck that's racing to a crime scene.