While some banks may have today off for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, the cops have warned them that thieves never take time off and target holiday weekends for robbing branches. Apparently the police sent out a memo telling banks to be "extremely vigilant" for teams of thieves planning elaborate heists!

According to the Daily News, "The bulletin warns that sophisticated crews, who rely on look-outs and monitor police frequencies, use torches and drills to cut through walls, roofs and even tunnel through neighboring buildings to access the bank vault. When responding to bank burglar alarms, cops are instructed to search the perimeter and neighboring buildings and even if necessary call for the NYPD Aviation Unit to check out the roof from above for damage."

The cops add that some thieves may trip the alarm and then go to the bank after the responding cops leave. Notably, a crew of thieves who drilled into banks used holidays to strike. So, add "holidays" to the list of things banks do wrong, along with "being welcoming."