Ooh, this is exciting. January through November averaged 58.9 degrees in Central Park. That makes the first eleven months of 2010 the warmest Jan-Nov on record, squeaking by 1991 by a tenth of a degree. To become New York's warmest year ever December will have to be 2.3 degrees warmer than normal. Right now that doesn't look likely as the extended forecast has the city remaining cool for at least ten days.

For the more immediate future look for a chilly and cloudy day today as a storm spins up over the Bay of Fundy. The strengthening storm will back up into northern New England over the next couple of days. That will bring a cool, northwesterly breeze to the city. Tomorrow's high will be in the low 40s under clear skies.

Cloudy conditions return on Sunday as the cool air from the northwest collides with a storm that's expected to move up the coast. The storm will be far enough out to sea that there's only a slight chance of precipitation of the crystalline variety. Sunday's high might stay in the upper 30s. More of the same is in store for Tuesday.