Since turnout for last weekend's swine flu vaccine clinics for public school students was low, the Health Department decided to open up this weekend's clinics to other priority groups—pregnant women; anyone 4 years through 24 years of age; persons 25 through 64 with underlying health conditions that increases risk of severe illness or complications; anyone who lives with or cares for children less than 6 months old. And on the Upper East Side, at P.S. 290, the lines went for three blocks with at least a 90 minute wait.

The line outside P.S. 290 had children as well as pregnant women and some older people—no special preference given if you're extremely pregnant or old. Health Department spokeswoman Jessica Scaperotti told us that while there was a wait, the clinics can handle up to 500 people per hour, noting that some clinics didn't have long lines. (A possible issue: Those clinics are likely located in a different borough, since there was one clinic open each in Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island this weekend and two each in Brooklyn and Queens.) Beehive Hairdresser tried to get a vaccine at P.S. 186 in Brooklyn, because based on information from the Health Department's website and 311, that's where he was directed to go...only P.S. 186's clinic is actually scheduled for next month!

Here's the list of clinics open this weekend and upcoming weekends.