Sinkholes are probably the scariest thing this side of Ragnarök, but for the most part, NYC has been spared from falling into any cavernous holes in the ground (besides slushpuddles, of course). But all that changed yesterday when a Long Island woman's car was swallowed up by her driveway.

"There was no sound. The car just slid into the ground," Gayle Sorrentino of Rockville Centre told the News about her experience Friday afternoon. Sorrentino, 69, was returning from an acupuncture appointment when the ground opened up with her still in the vehicle. "The car went in at like a straight angle," she said. "I pulled in looking at my beautiful backyard and then I was looking at a mound of dirt."

Sorentino called 911, and wasn't hurt in the incident: "I was only afraid—the sand around started to come down a little bit, and I just didn't know if it was going to stay stationary or going to collapse," she told NBC. Her neighbor thinks the sinkhole opened up over a dry well from the 1920s, while authorities believe it is a "cesspool." Regardless, nothing ruins an acupuncture high like staring into a deep abyss in the ground.