In New York City, we have an ambiguous relationship with our rat population. They are mostly hated, but they do sometimes delight us with their food carrying ways. In one Suffolk County town though, the verdict on their rats in unanimous: they are huge, smart and bad news.

Residents of West Islip, a Suffolk County town, have complained to numerous media outlets about what they claim has been a mysterious and unrelenting rat infestation. Frank Edwards, a resident of what CBS2 called "a manicured block," told the channel that he's counted 20 rats recently between his yard and a neighbor's yard.

Worse than the numbers though, is that the rats appear to be both huge and smart, according to residents of the block. One resident described the rats as "shrewd" to NBC4, and another told Newsday that she caught one that was at over a foot long. In addition, the rats seem smart enough to eat peanut butter set in rat traps without setting off the traps.

Also, no one seems to know where the smart, giant rats are coming from, which gave a neighborhood resident an "eerie" feeling according to CBS. Suffolk County officials told the channel that the large, rowdy rodents might have come from a nearby yard where there used to be a steady food supply.

Or, and I'm just spitballing here, this could be the beginning of the end. Who's to say the rats haven't been plotting a takeover with their largest and smartest for years now?