A Long Island woman, who is in close contention with this lady for Worst Mother of the Year, turned herself in yesterday for allegedly running over a cyclist with her SUV last September and dragging him more than 500 feet before fleeing the scene—all with her 5-year-old child strapped in next to her.

Melville resident Nicole Grammerstorf faces charges for hitting 47-year-old Luis Flores, a dishwasher in Huntington Station, on Sept. 3 as he crossed the Jericho Turnpike, Newsday reports. Grammerstorf allegedly took a moment to look at her "mangled victim" before taking off, later enlisting a Deer Valley mechanic to hammer out the unsightly dents caused by the lethal crash. Mark Monserrat, the mechanic tasked with repairing the human-shaped indentations left on the car, is also charged with several counts of conspiracy and tampering with evidence.

Despite having turned herself in, Grammerstorf pleaded not guilty, and claimed to have been enjoying a family barbecue at the time of the incident.