A Long Island resident has won a $1 million lottery jackpot... for the second time in four years. Bruce Magistro said, "I scratched the ticket at home, looked at my fiancée and said, ‘I won!’ She said, ‘No way!’ and we started jumping around the house excited, crashing around the living room."

The odds for winning this lottery, after landing a $1 million lottery (from a $5 scratch off ticket) in 2012, are about 2 billion to one. Magistro had bought the $2 Win For Life scratch off ticket from a Citgo in March, and the prize is a $1,000/week payout. He says the money is coming at a great time.

He used the money from the first win—$33,090/year after taxes—so he could stay at home with his wife Yvonne before she died of cancer two years ago. Magistro said, "The last time, my wife was sick and needed the money for bills and everything, It gave me the opportunity to stay home with my wife for three years. This time, hopefully, I’ll invest it and make more money off of it."

The owner of the Citgo says that Magistro has been buying "$150 to $200 every day on scratch-offs" for the past 11 years.

His son Matthew said of the win, "I honestly think it’s my mother calling out for us, helping us."