File this under "lies that got wildly out of hand," as they do. An 18-year-old Long Island man found himself in a world of shit after he told his girlfriend that he was a police officer, though it seems like a more scrupulous partner would be quick to uncover that particular falsehood. ("Where is your gun?" "It's invisible.")

Max Sapirman likely invented the fib to impress his lady, and he might have gotten away with it too, had her mother not enlisted him to settle a friend's domestic dispute. Sapirman, cool as a cucumber under the pressure, apparently visited the couple's Dix Hills home on three separate occasions, each time asking the woman whether she wanted her husband arrested. She fortunately declined. He did, however, twice order the man out of the house. Ballsy!

The web of lies all disintegrated after the couple discovered Sapirman wasn't an actual cop—perhaps it was his homemade uniform that bore little resemblance to the official Suffolk County uniform that gave it away? (Sapirman's version was reportedly a t-shirt with the department logo slapped on.)

Officer Sapirman was charged with three counts of criminal impersonation. He was arraigned on Friday, and left the courthouse with his unamused parents.