A 71-year-old Long Island man and his son have filed a lawsuit against a Nassau County police detective, alleging he "tortured" them and "chained" them to an iron bar for hours.

[UPDATE BELOW]The NY Post reports that Cary Ratner and son Seth were arrested in January of this year, for allegedly stalking Seth's ex-mother-in-law. Ratner alleges that at the time of his arrest, he and Seth were taken to the county's Third Precinct station house, handcuffed to a iron bar with their hands above their heads and left there for over than 10 hours; according to the suit, both Ratners were denied food, water and legal counsel, and were not read their Miranda Rights. "I was chained with my arms up in the air for hours on end,” Ratner told the Post. “I hoped that I would die there, so that someone would look into this torture."

The suit names former detective Brett Nordman, who has since retired. Ratner had also sued Seth's ex-mother-in-law, Linda Robinson, for harassment in May 2012; that suit is still pending, and Robinson's lawyer told the Post the new lawsuit, which seeks over $24 million in damages, is "baseless."

Ratner, the president of East Hills Instruments, previously uncovered a multi-million dollar scandal involving the Roslyn Board of Education in 2006, according to the Post.

Update: Mitchell Shapiro, Linda Robinson's attorney, tells us that Ratner's case against his client is not pending, as reported in the Post, but "was dismissed on motion due to the complete lack of evidence produced by Ratner to back up his claims." In addition, Shapiro notes that Ratner "has a long list of frivolous litigation and tries to use the courts as a hammer to get his way."