Last December, while looking for the body of missing prostitute Shannan Gilbert, police discovered four bodies in burlap sacks on Gilgo State Beach. None of the bodies turned out to be Gilbert but they did all turn out to be missing hookers who frequented sites like Craigslist for their johns. Yesterday police returned to the beach to look for Gilbert again and sadly they found a fifth body about a mile east from the others.

The remains—which are believed to be human and which the Suffolk County police commissioner says "have been there for some time"—were found by a cadaver-sniffing dog. Last night they were taken to a medical examiner who will now try and determine gender and identity of the body, not to mention how long it has been out there. When Shannan Gilbert's family inquired how long that take—as they are desperate to find out definitively what happened to the missing woman—a detective told them it could take two weeks to three months, according to Newsday [reg req'd].

Gilbert, who has been missing since last May, is reportedly the only missing prostitute known to Suffolk police who had not been accounted for. Meanwhile, the police are still searching for the taunting serial killer they suspect is behind the murders, having written off Joseph Brewer, 46, Gilbert's last known client.