A 34-year-old man was killed after a road rage confrontation in Long Beach that saw the 22-year-old driver of the other vehicle strike the victim with his Nissan Altima and continue driving right over him before fleeing the scene. Evan Potts was arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter after onlookers say he panicked when the driver of a '78 canary yellow Porsche got out of his car and began yelling at Potts after the two had been in an ongoing confrontation behind their respective wheels for over a mile. Nassau County Police spokesman Kevin Smith said, "We believe he extended his arms and said something to him. We believe it was a profanity. We don't know the exact phrase that was used, but at that time the driver stepped on the gas, struck him, might have dragged him for a short period of time." A witness described it, "He went right over him like he was a cat in the road...I heard his head rattling in the undercarriage." Potts claims that he was trying to get away fro the driver for five minutes and had been attempting to call 911.