So when the hell is the mythical transfer to the uptown 6 at Bleecker Street from the Broadway-Lafayette B/D/F/M/downtown 6 going to open to the public? GOOD QUESTION. Signs have been up and intermittently covered and uncovered since March. There were rumors of an early July and then mid-August opening. We can see the escalators and the fancy honeycomb colored lights are doing their thing so why can't we transfer yet? In July the MTA told us "soon" and now it is mid-September.

So what's up? The MTA simply won't say. When we asked their spokesman for any kind of guidance as to what was going on, they first replied with a terse "no update." When we pressed for info—any info!— on what was causing the delay on the very exciting transfer they finally relented, a little, and told us "We’ll announce something soon." Ah, the old "soon" again. To be fair, when one steps back and considers the vast sweep of recorded time, human civilization, and MTA projects, that word is open to a lot of interpretation.

So here we are again, back to "soon," they promise! In the meantime we almost feel bad for the poor MTA workers who have to keep covering up the uptown transfer signage that frustrated straphangers keep uncovering.