London will be the host city for the 2012 Olympics and millions of Parisians are muttering, "Zut alors!" and many NBC executives thinking, "Thank God, they speak the same language and the time difference isn't too bad." Newscasters mentioned previous years' failed bids from Manchester and Birmingham (seriously!), but Gothamist knows London's secret weapon: David Beckham, who appeared in Singapore. Thankfully, we already have a site set up there - check out Londonist's coverage of the Olympics and their thoughts about the news ("Debate, conjecture, disruption, increased tax bills and negative Evening Standard reports are all just round the corner, but for now, who cares? Let's have a party.") And above is Zaha Hadid's design for the Aquatic Center.

2005_07_nycoly.jpgAnd cityside, there's no official statement from the Mayor or Deputy Mayor Daniel "West Side Stadium/ Olympics Boy" Doctoroff yet, but there was this "Thank you" on the City's website. And we're revisiting the IOC's bid analysis just for fun.