2005_07_nyushirt.jpgWhen the British authorities released photographs of the suspected bombers from Thursday's incident, one could make out that one of the men was wearing a New York t-shirt. Oh boy. Police later found the shirt "discarded in a street in Brixton." The AP report pointed out that NY was a former terror target, but Gothamist suspects that the t-shirt was simply coincidental, as New York may be the world's second home (even if not in 2012), simply a way for people to blend in. But if another suspect were wearing a Madrid t-shirt, along with a Bali one, then we'd rethink it.

And, it turns out that the man the Metropolitan Police shot on a train carriage in the London subway did not have links to the suspected bombers. The Brazilian government wants an explanation, and the police are sticking to their story, so far, that the man (who is not South Asian, but South American) jumped the turnstile and did not stop for the police.