Famed Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was fired by the president a few months back, and ever since the chattering class has been speculating about his next move. Now we know, and for the time being, it's not running for governor. Nay, Bharara, scourge of corrupt politicians and small-time Bronx drug dealers (but not Wall Streeters), is becoming a blogger.

The New York Times reports that Preet is joining his brother Vinit's media company Some Spider Studios, specifically, by writing for the news and culture site Cafe and hosting a podcast with the groan-inducing title "Stay Tuned With Preet." The Times writes that Bharara plans to discuss legal issues, including in-depth analysis of specific cases.

Preet Bharara has been active as a zinger mill on Twitter since his firing by Trump, directing much of his dad humor towards the president's possible obstructing of the investigation into Russian meddling in the election. If the overnight internet sensations of the last few months are any indication (hi Eric Garland) that is one surefire way to build a media brand.

Vinit Bharara, 45 and three years Preet's junior, founded Cafe in 2014. He's rich from starting an e-commerce site called Diapers.com and then selling it to Amazon for around $540 million. Some Spider, Cafe's parent company, has attracted top talent in its short tenure so far, including a creative director from Buzzfeed, an executive from Fusion, and the chief technology officer of the New York Times.

On Cafe, Preet wrote in an announcement:

I am excited for a number of reasons beyond the presumed job security that derives from working for your sibling. First, it is an opportunity at this extraordinary moment in history to add my voice to both classic and current-day debates about justice an fairness in the law, government and society. It is a natural extension of everything that has led me to this point.

Second, it is a chance to speak with considerable editorial space and freedom, with the benefit of a platform that permits more than 140 characters at at time. Finally, it is a privilege to work alongside a fearless and visionary entrepreneur like my brother, Vinit, who defied the odds to create an exceptional company like Quidsi with Some Spider investor Marc Lore, our high school classmate. This enterprise will be no different and that is a thrilling thing to be a part of.

The erstwhile top prosecutor is also working on a book, is a "distinguished scholar in residence" at New York University School of Law, whatever that means, and will organize a conference called Cafe Con with his little bro.