For some reason Lindsay Lohan was dead set on having her lawsuit against E*Trade play out at the Nassau County Supreme Court (her family lives on Long Island), but the company won their bid yesterday to have it moved to Manhattan. So expect a media circus here when the time comes to bring the "milkaholic" to the stand.

This all comes right after her other day in court, where she was sentenced to 90 days in jail. Now the NY Post reports that the lawyer representing her, Shawn Chapman Holley, has ditched the starlet! Speaks volumes for someone who was on O.J.'s defense team and put up with Paris Hilton during her trials and tribulations—but according to Radar she left after hearing Lohan was shopping around for a new lawyer. Lindsay's father was happy with the decision, and said: "While I thought Shawn did a great job defending Lindsay in court ethically, she did a horrible job morally. I can't tell you how many times Shawn told me in person and over the phone that she thought Lindsay needed to be in rehab, and then she would turn around and say she had to do what Lindsay told her to do because she was her lawyer."

Holley's last act as her lawyer had her noting that the sentence was harsh, but that her client would serve the time. Will the new representation appeal the sentencing?