While the rest of us were watching Lindsay Lohan give the new Project Runway contestants the up-down, she was right here in NYC losing her mind at Mott Corner Deli. TMZ reports that the actress/singer/part-time lesbian "went ballistic last night after she 'lost' her precious cell phone in a NY deli—a situation so dire, she dragged the NYPD to the scene." Here's the timeline: After making her purchase around 7:30 p.m. at the Mott Corner Deli, she left and soon realized her phone was no longer with her; "But when Linz went back, the deli worker insisted on checking the security tape to make sure it was hers before handing it back—this sent LiLo into a rage. Linz was so angry the deli man wouldn't just hand over the phone, that she got someone to call the NYPD for backup"—but by the time they got there, the situation was "diffused." The deli employee maintains that he had no idea who she was.