2003_8_blackhat.jpgSamology pointed Gothamist to the Black Hat Federal Training 2003 conference this September. Training for what? Something about "rootkits" and being subversive (the bolding is ours):

The kernel rootkit remains the single most powerful subversive program that can be installed on a vulnerable system. Rootkits can remain undetected for years and can offer limitless offensive capabilities such as logic bombs, self-replicating virii, and keystroke monitors. This class offers a hands-on experience coding a Windows-XP/2000 kernel rootkit from scratch. Nothing is better than hands-on experience. Students will build a basic kernel rootkit that can hide processes, files, and directories. Students will then learn advanced techniques such as modifying kernel objects and memory descriptors, low level hardware access, and how to use the NDIS library for packet I/O.

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