Convicted Lockerbie bomber, Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, couldn't bother to speak with a CNN reporter at his Libyan home in August. Since his release by Scottish authorities for "compassionate" reasons 2009, he's been bedridden by prostate cancer. But Reuters was able to visit Megrahi's sick bed, and wouldn't you know it, the convicted murderer of 270 people in 1988 is fiestier than ever. "The facts [about the Lockerbie bombing] will be come clear one day…The West exaggerated my name. Please leave me alone. I only have a few more days, weeks, or months." Years, whatever.

Reuters describes Megrahi as "propped up at a slight angle in a hospital-style bed surrounded by members of his family. An oxygen tank stood nearby, but he did not use an oxygen mask during the interview." A spokesman for the Scottish government, whose decision to release him had NOTHING to do with billion-dollar oil contracts the UK had made in concert with a reviled dictator, told the news outlet that Megrahi is "an extremely sick man, dying of terminal prostate cancer." Far worse than dying in prison or in an airplane that has been bombed.

Libya's new leadership has refused to extradite him to the United States for charges, not that we've done them any favors recently. When asked about his country's recent revolution, Megrahi—who previously worked as an intelligence agent for Gadhafi—was indignant: "That's not a question for a sick person…My house has been violated. They smashed the main door and stole my cars." No more afternoon jaunts to Jamba Juice! It's as if he's being punished for something.