Of course

the people behind the time-suck games on Facebook are responsible for offline trash as well. Zynga, the developer of Mafia Wars and Farmville, went the illegal route for their latest marketing campaign, sticking fake dollar bills to the sidewalks of both New York and San Francisco. Yesterday NYC the Blog called attention to their tactics—which have been getting criticized by local blogs all week—noting it's unlawful to deface any street or sidewalk with printed matter, including advertisements.

The campaign can be found in the East Village, where one local explained the glossy fixtures can be slippery, pointing out: "some are placed right by subway entrances. Can you say, Hazardous Placement?" To others, they're just aesthetically annoying—another local who talked to WPIX said, "I've always wondered what they were. They look kind of obnoxious and just a mess, really."

After garnering so much attention in the media, the marketing company responsible, Davis Elen, has promised to clean up the ads within the week. No word on if the city will pursue legal action, as they may be on the west coast.