2008_11_shoppers.jpgAll the Thanksgiving advertisements for Black Friday sales were just as successful at drawing out the usual hordes of shoppers yesterday. But the general consensus around town was that the crowds weren't making it all the way to the register as sales appeared to be down on the retail's big annual day. The Post talked to parents at Toys 'R Us in Times Square who said checkout lines were twice as long and that hot toys just weren't as likely to be sold out this year. That can't be good news for retailers who already knew that they'd be taking a hit on returns by offering even steeper sales to draw in consumers who have been MIA of late. At Macy's in Herald Square, even sending out a big celebrity wasn't enough to cheer up the die hards who waited overnight for the store's 5 a.m. opening. "Richard Simmons scares me," a young woman in line told the News upon seeing the fitness guru.