2008_12_warrob.jpgLast week, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn issued a letter to President-elect Obama's inauguration committee to express her dismay over the selection of Rick Warren as pastor. Quinn, who is openly gay, wrote, "Yet what is so offensive here is not the mere selection of a religious leader who is opposed to same-sex marriage. It is the selection of a man who has used his position to try to deny others their civil rights, and to create huge divisions among Americans." On the other hand, State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., a Democrat and a Pentecostal minister who opposes discussing gay marriage in the next legislative year, thinks Warren's invitation is important, "The Democratic Party should not be a party of only two issues: Abortion and homosexual marriage. Everybody should be accepted: Orthodox Jews, Evangelical Christians, Catholics, Muslims, and those with religious beliefs that oppose abortion and homosexual marriage. YES WE CAN!"