Last month locals called bullshit on the new ban closing parts of Newtown Creek to kayakers and other brave folk willing to find fun in the Superfunded body of water. Now they've got some backup in high places, we're told that Assemblyman Joe Lentol and Councilman Stephen Levin blasted the new and unnecessary ban on recreational boating in Newtown Creek. They will allegedly both testify at tonight's hearing with the Department of Environmental Protection on the issue, encouraging the ban to be lifted. In a letter, they wrote:

“We believe that this policy goes against all of the ideals that the Greenpoint community and the City of New York have spent many years trying to promote for its citizenry. Boating promotes healthy lifestyles and good environmental policies. It gives the community a connection with the waterfronts and waterways. This in turn leads to a sense of responsibility for our waterway. By having members of the community out on the waterways recreationally, we have a de facto team of watchdogs, able to spot problems, such as illegal dumping. We have heard it suggested that perhaps this was done because of Newtown Creek’s new Superfund status. However, conversations with the EPA tell us that there is absolutely no reason to forbid boating because of the Superfund status. In fact, we have looked into other superfund sites such as the Hudson River Superfund site and none of them have banned boating like kayaking, crew or canoeing."

Seriously, if people are still kayaking in the Gowanus Canal, which is Superfunded and has gonohorrea.