2008_10_shark.jpgThe Post speaks another subset dealing with the subprime crisis: Loan sharks. Benny the Loan shark who, like the banks, has "made loans to subprime borrowers in danger of defaulting." He says, "I'm not really worried about people borrowing money from me, what I worry a lot about is whether they'll pay it back...I'm going to have to start collecting collateral - you know, like jewelry, wedding bands, necklaces and family heirlooms." His rates: $50/week in interest on loans of $100-200. Tanda, a "mid-level loan shark" has raised lowered his interest rates by 50% recently--"$200 a week on a $500 loan and $400 a week on a $1,000 loan"--and says, "Wall Street should take a lesson from me, I never lend what I can't afford to lose - and I lose very little."