2005_07_womenbloomberg.jpgIf there's one thing Gothamist realizes about yesterday's "Women for Bloomberg" rally, it's that comedy gold is all about making fun of the Mayor in subtle ways. Sure, Lorraine Bracco did butter up Mayor Bloomberg by saying, "He's smart. He's good looking. He's rich. And he loves his mother. He's perfect, right?" but we think we get where the joke is, right? Bracco also said that he doesn't "have the voice of actor James Earl Jones." That's for sure. Apparently Senator Schumer's daughter Jessica stopped by the rally, causing the Senator's spokesperson to assure the media that Senator Schumer would be supporting whoever wins the Democratic primary. Heh. Anyway, it seems like there was a lot of Borscht Belt style humor at the rally (Mayor Bloomberg marveling over having so much love from women wanting Bloomberg and asking "Where were you when I was 16?") but the most interesting thing is that Mayor Bloomberg joked about the absence of his mother - in D.C. with friend - saying, " "I don't know whether she's helping the administration or protesting against them." How amazing would it be for a 96 year old Charlotte Bloomberg to be protesting the Bush administration?

Photograph from the NY Post