In the wake of several allegations of sexual harassment, as well as a long-term affair, subliminal smoking advocate Herman Cain has been facing rumors that he will drop out of the presidential race soon. Yesterday, Cain shot back at critics that he had to discuss the matter with his wife Gloria, who he hasn't seen in person since before his alleged 13-year-affair with Ginger White came out. But today, the Cains showed solidarity by launching a new section of his campaign website run by Gloria: "Women For Herman Cain."

The site features testimonials from women who support Cain, filled with encouragement, prayers, and support to keep the Cain Train rolling. Oh, and there is also plenty of room for some vicious attacks on White and the alleged sexual harassment victims! Check out some choice examples below:

as a REAL woman I do not believe for one second any of these "women" that have crawled out from under a rock somewhere to defame you and bring pain to you and your family. They are pitiful creatures at the very least, and evil at the most. Isn't it convenient that they have suddenly become offended by supposed advances by you now after all these years, my goodness, poor babies, how have they been able to bare up under the pain for all these oh so many years... LIARS, LIARS, LIARS...GO GET THEM HERMAN AND PLEASE DO NOT QUIT!!!!

It's pathetic and shameful women are so desperate for their five minutes of fame that they would position themselves against the greatest potential President Americans could be blessed enough to have.

Dear Mrs. Cain, Don't pay attention to these pathetic husband-less women who are jealous of women like you in happy long-term marriages. These vindictive women can't find a husband or keep one.

I cannot believe you had time for an affair. If you are ill and fighting for your life,suffering through chemotherapy,how can you have time between hospital visits and family time? Wouldn't you be too sick to participate in a make-believe affair? You are a triple threat to the Left!! I believe these "women" are looking for money and attention and have been groomed by the "Demonacrats" to be a bunch of bad actress'. The Left is desperate and they are low enough to break the law and lie.

But now because of scheming women that can be swayed by money, attention or whatever else the reason may be, your reputation is at stake - not theirs as it should be. I do not believe these women are victims...I believe you are.

With his poll numbers sinking, Cain reasserted to Sean Hannity on Fox News last night that he is currently mulling his candidacy and his political future: "I am going to reestablish my character...When you have a bump in the road you reconsider and reevaluate. I am gonna take that opportunity to reassess and reevaluate so we can decide: Where do we go from here?" To that end, the Cain campaign "will be making an announcement" in Atlanta tomorrow "to clarify what the next steps are." If Cain is asking himself this very moment, "What Would The Donald Do?" hopefully his answer is better than "comb it forward."