We know they're sketchy, but by the end of the year there may be a reason to hail a gypsy cab instead of a yellow one. Alex Mashinsky, who is also helping to bring internet to the subways, wants to equip at least 1,000 LimoRes Car & Limo, UTOG Corporate Car Service Inc. and Velocity Limo Inc. cars with Wi-Fi by fall. Once those are up and running, he wants to blanket the city with "tens of thousands of vehicles." The service would provide free internet access to anyone in or running down the street within a 400 foot radius of the cars.

The cars will also have outlets and cell phone chargers with 10 different plugs, just in case there is an emergency where both your laptop and your smartphone are out of juice and you find yourself disconnected from the internet. Let us not even contemplate such a terrifying scenario. Mashinsky's company, GroundLink, has already begun testing the service in 25 cars, and said the signal was strong enough to reach down the block from where one car was parked on Tuesday. So, will the service be coming to yellow cabs any time soon? Not likely; any new equipment must reportedly go through a "lengthy TLC testing and approval process."