The police are searching for a livery cab driver who drove his car into the Hudson River near 69th Street. Reports say that the driver was asked to move his car around noon, "from an area near West 69th Street and the Henry Hudson Parkway," and then he drove it off the pier. What's unclear is whether or not the cab was on the Henry Hudson Parkway, or actually in Riverside Park, where the pier is located. If you look at this photograph we took a few years ago of the pier during an icy period, you'll see that the Parkway is actually above the pier. Did the cab go through the parkway's railing, falling onto the pier, and then off the pier? Or was actually in front of one of the Trump buildings on the West Side (you know, Trumpistan), and it flew off from there, into the park, onto the pier, and into the water? This is very strange.

A slideshow from WNBC of the FDNY and NYPD's rescue divers.