Some details on that Midtown car accident that involved an advance car from Vice President Joe Biden's motorcade around 5:40 p.m. last night. According to the Daily News, "The squad car with two detectives scouting the route for the motorcade was headed west on 49th St. when it was T-boned by a cab going north on 10th Ave."

The advance team of three unmarked squad cars was clearing the street for Biden, who had been headed to tape a segment on the Daily Show. The Post reports that the VP was able to get there on time because, "Cops were able to push the crash cars aside so that Biden was able to continue on his way to the studio"—the cab's passenger side door was reportedly "caved in and the police car’s bumper was ripped off."

A witness told WCBS 2, "I say it was the cab driver's fault. I come to that conclusion because you see everyone else had to be stopped on this side and he saw a way to zoom across real quick, and got messed up. These cab drivers in NYC, they drive reckless. He thought he could get across real fast, but that wasn't the case."

In the past week, Biden's motorcades/vehicles have been involved in two other incidents: In D.C., two Secret Service vehicles—including one used to transport Biden but was not carrying him at the time— fatally struck a pedestrian on November 11 and, two days ago, a driver trying to go around police cars blocking an intersection in Albuquerque, New Mexico struck a police car escorting Biden's motorcade.