A Spanish tourist is in critical condition with serious head trauma after getting run over by a livery cab as she crossed Third Avenue at 42nd Street last night around 10:30. Maria Hermosin Jimenez, 58, was crossing the avenue at the crosswalk with her husband when she has hit by the car; she sustained serious head trauma and is currently at Bellevue Hospital. Her husband was not injured. The Daily News reports that the driver, Dave St. Bernard, 53, of Brooklyn, was issued a summons for failing to yield to a pedestrian. You may remember St. Bernard from an article in the Post last year, in which he told the tabloid about his penchant for texting and driving.

"Sometimes I text and drive," admitted St. Bernard to the Post in 2009. "I'm sure it is dangerous, but you get complacent sometimes as a driver. You think you can handle anything on the roads that comes your way." It also looks like St. Bernard was arrested in Cohoes in 2003 [scroll down] for carrying drugs around for the rap group Mobb Deep.

In yesterday's incident, police say St. Bernard's car jumped the curb after hitting Jimenez and struck a shuttered newsstand. A source tells the News, "They both had the light. She was crossing the crosswalk, but he was making a left-hand turn when he it her."