Yesterday morning, around 11 a.m., there were reports of a motor vehicle accident involving an entrapment on 8th Avenue at 11th Street in Park Slope. It turns out an out-of-control livery cab jumped a curb and hit a total of four pedestrians. F***ed in Park Slope wearily asks, "DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO DRIVE IN THIS GD NEIGHBORHOOD?"

The Daily News reports that the cab first grazed 75-year-old Fred Guitterez who was trying to cross the street; he said, "The driver came speeding down here like a demon. I could tell he lost control of his cab." Then the cab went onto the sidewalk, hitting three other people. An older man was among the victims and Guitterez said, "I could see the bone coming out his leg. He was just screaming in a pool of blood until help came."

While the News says that he and the other two pedestrians struck on the sidewalk were taken to Bellevue with non-life-threatening injuries, some commenters on FIPS suggested that the older man's leg was severed (perhaps due to how the injury looked?) and one described the incident, "The cabbie hit the back of the VW which was parked in front of that orange car at such a high rate of speed that the force of it spun the VW onto 180 degrees onto the sidewalk. A man was caught between the two cars and his leg was severed. A woman was hit by the front of the taxi and was seriously injured."

The driver was not charged.