On the heels of State Sen. Eric Adams's and TWU Local 100's push for MTA workers to be able to stun disorderly passengers at will, a major livery cab company is now seeking approval for their drivers to carry guns while on duty.

Livery Base Owners group, which represents over a hundred companies that dispatch approximately 9,700 livery cars in the city, has suggested that the Taxi and Limousine Commission allow their drivers to carry their licensed handguns on the job, arguing that arming their employees would protect them from robbers and dangerous riders.

The group's spokeswoman, Cira Angeles, told the Daily News, "We are always concerned about the safety and security of drivers in our industry, so related issues were part of dozens of issues discussed by us and TLC representatives." Many yellow cab and livery drivers have been victims of violent robberies and other attacks—last month a rider robbed a livery cab driver at knifepoint in Murray Hill, and in November, three livery cab drivers were brutally attacked in the outer boroughs in separate incidents, one fatally.

The TLC is expected to reject Livery Base Owners' proposal, noting that allowing drivers to keep guns with them could compromise riders' safety. "It is important for public safety and perception to disallow any weapons in the vehicle," the TLC wrote in response.