Via WABC 7

Yesterday, two people in a southbound livery cab on the Hutchinson Parkway were killed when an out-of-control SUV crashed from the northbound lane, colliding with them and another car. And it's believed the passenger was decapitated.

According to the NYPD, a black Ford Explorer SUV driven by a 45-year-old man was going northbound on the Hutch near Orchard Beach Road. He struck a median and then went through the guardrail. The SUV entered the southbound land and hit two cars, a livery cab and a white GMC SUV. Livery cab driver Ata Noorzi of Queens and passenger Patrick Sheehan of Larchmont were pronounced dead at the scene. The Ford Explorer's driver, as well as the GMC's 49-year-old female driver and 15-year-old male passenger, were taken to the hospital.

A witness told the Daily News, “I went to the taxi, but it was too late. The driver and the passenger were dead. ... There was an arm in the road. It was horrible. It was really terrible to see." The Ford's driver was not arrested; the Post reports, "John Osorio, 45, of White Plains, was interviewed by police at the 45th Precinct, and was given a breathalyzer test, but was released without even a speeding ticket as police continue investigating what caused him to allegedly lose control." According to the News, "Cops were pursuing a court order to get a blood sample from the driver to determine if he was drunk or high."

Sheehan, a banker for Wells Fargo with a wife and three children, was heading to LaGuardia Airport for a business trip. Noorzi, who leaves behind four children and a wife, was described as a good man; his brother said, "It’s always the good ones who go first. He never did anything wrong. Never in trouble, not a parking ticket."

Fernando Mateo, president of the Federation of Taxi Drivers, said the fatal collision wouldn't have happened if there were concrete medians, "If you run into a barricade the car just flips over, it doesn't cross over and chop off the top of an oncoming vehicle, and this is what happened in this case."