Early Tuesday morning, a man was found dead on a street in Ozone Park, Queens, with a wound on his head. Ramnariain Matadin, 58, a super for a Park Slope building, was last seen leaving a bar in a livery cab and, yesterday, police arrested the livery cab driver and his friend for Matadin's murder. Police believe that suspects Deevan Jagnarine, 21, and his friend Alex Gobardhan, 19, robbed and beat Matadin.

According to 1010WINS, "Matadin had been drinking at his favorite bar, but the bar tender called a car service when he noticed that the man had too much to drink." Driver Jagnarine picked up Matadin around 10:30 p.m. on Monday night and drove him to Arion Road, where he and Gobardhan attack him. A passer-by found Matadin's body around 1:30 a.m. Police found Matadin's gold bracelet at Jagnarine's home and his cellphone at Gobardhan's home; Matadin's wallet was also missing.

The owner of the livery cab company told the Daily News that Jagnarine "was a normal person. I never had a problem with him. It's very, very surprising. He was a good driver," and apologized, "Sincerely, I said we are sorry and we send our concern and condolences."