A livery cab driver died after being shot in the chest by a passenger in the Baychester section of the Bronx. NY1 reports that police suspect that Amadou Ndiaye, 46, may have been shot during an attempted robbery—he was shot while driving, then hit a parked car and later another car waiting for the light at the intersection of Wilson Avenue and Boston Road. While Ndiaye's family says he worked for Top Limo—he company denied that—and "prior to that, he worked at Harlem Car Service." There were apparently no car decals indicating what car service employed him, which NY State Federation of Taxi Drivers president Fernando Mateo said would help the investigation. Mateo also said, "We don't know if the perp ripped out the camera, but we do know there was no partition in the vehicle and that's a problem." Ndiaye's relative said, You don't want to be bum. You don't want to eat in the garbage can. You don't want to sleep outside. You have to wear clothes. So what can you do? That's the only things you can do. You try to be good guy, but bad guy kill you for nothing, no reason."