An out-of-control livery cab careened into a street fair in Queens yesterday, injuring 13 people. According to WABC 7, "The car struck at least one food booth when it crashed into the street fair at Junction Boulevard and 37th Avenue about 1 p.m. Sunday."

Some witnesses gave details to WCBS 2, one said, "He made a right-hand turn, and the odd part of it is he went on the sidewalk, and went in the back of the vendor's booth," while another said, "I saw him go into the tents. I don't believe he knew he was at a festival at all - he ran down two guys." A third said, "When I got to the scene, there were two men on the floor. He drove over one of the men's leg, his shin was splintered, and hot oil spilled onto his leg." And witnesses said the driver claimed that he was hit by another car—though there was no damage to his car—and acted too calmly, "When he got out, he was standing against the car like he got pulled over for a traffic ticket."

Among the injured were two food vendors, who had burns from their tipped-over carts, and others simply enjoying the parade. The driver, Louis Nunez, was not charged. And in other news, two pedestrians were fatally struck by vehicles in hit-and-run's over the weekend—one incident in Queens and one in Manhattan.