01:18 - Okay, Gothamist is going to sleep. We need to be fresh when we wake up in a few hours to review the tense yet Waiting-for-G-Train like pre-deadline hours and confusing (and boring) post-deadline hour. Thanks for commenting and keeping us company - see you in the morning!

01:06 - Hmm, FOX 5 has a scroll saying that trains and buses will run tomorrow, even without a contract. But that's FOX 5. And is that so different from earlier reports that workers might actually be on the job without a contract? Now, back to Malcolm in the Middle.

01:05 - Fine, MTA and TWU - play that way! Keep on negotiating past the deadline, so Gothamist is sitting here, waiting for something to happen, totally clueless.

00:39 - Conan is on! He makes a transit strike joke: It's about the city's restriction to only allow cars with four (or more) passengers in; punchline, "People from New Jersey asked, 'How about three people and a body in the trunk?'" Hee hee.


That's followed by an area sports joke: He says that the guy who caught the baby from the burning Bronx building must not play for the Jets.

00:22 - We notice that Newsday has the first post-midnight updated article. No real news - yet - but a nice recapitulation of the issues and local color.

00:20 - Hillary Clinton's rep says that she's been in touch with both sides. No word if she tried to nail out the healthcare benefits plan.

00:15ish - Okay, WCBS now has a "Talks in Progress" bug.


00:10 - Hey now! WNBC has a bug with "MTA Running" in the corner (thanks for the explanation Chuck Scarborough) which will change to "MTA Stike" if there's a strike.


And then it cuts back to the Tonight Show with Johnny Knoxville.

WABC has a bug that says "Trains Running."


Nothing on WCBS - just Alec Baldwin on Letterman.


00:05 - Okay, Gothamist is bored. And sleepy.

00:02 - Nothing to report yet. Let's hope that they are shaking on it!