2:04 AM - The media is being told they have to wait a while before the TWU will talk. So with that, Gothamist is going to bed to get ready in case there is a strike - we're going attempt to check out the Brooklyn Bridge in the morning, which is supposed to be really cold tomorrow morning. Dress warm and dream of the strike being resolved by the time you wake up. Thanks for waiting with us - we'll be all over this in a few hours as well!

1:51 AM - NY1 says that the TWU's executive board will talk to their legal counsel before issuing the official strike... we guess that it's probably because they need to figure out Taylor Law stuff, not to mention fines.

1:38 AM - Okay, so Bobby Cusa from NY1 is saying that the strike is on, that the board voted for it. But NY1's Dean Meminger, on the 6th Floor of the TWU headquarters says he hasn't heard anything - but pointed out that there's a podium for TWU President Roger Toussaint to speak at later. The other channels are not reporting anything, but we did see Carson Daly introduce a clip of Bai Ling singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and she really sounds like Yoko Ono.

1:26 AM - You know, the possibility of a strike was more exciting when it meant a possible three day weekend and it meant not coinciding with a deadline at work that we have this week. But we're just saying.

1:13 AM - Now we're hearing that a strike is not a slam dunk, but a commenter noted that the board seemed to vote in favor of a strike (we think we read it that way - it's late!).

1:01 AM - Trains are still running, now an hour after the latest contract deadline... what are the odds of 1) a strike; 2) another postponed strike; 3) a speedy resolution? We have no idea.

12:54 AM - NY1 reports what the MTA's last offer was: 3% raise for the first year, 4% second year, and 3.5% for the third year, which is 1.5% percent more than their offer last week. Unclear whether or not that MTA asked the TWU to make concession with future hires, pensions, retirement, etc. It seems that MTA would keep the retirement age at 55, but still wanted workers (the new hires?) to contribute to pensions.

12:50 AM - Still nothing. News crews are freezing at 80 West End Avenue, where the TWU headquarters are.

12:15 AM - The most dissonant visual so far is Pamela Anderson next to WNBC's "MTA Running" graphic (WNBC 4 went to the Tonight Show).


Updated at 1:23 AM: Toby sends us a much nicer screen capture of Pamela Anderson - the "MTA Running" bug is like a censor bug, it's totally hiding her ass!

12:09 AM - Apparently the Mayor's lady friend, NY State Banks Superintendent Diana Taylor, headed over the OEM with Bloomberg. She did this last week as well, though it's unclear whether or not she stayed over.

In other news, it's time to break out the heavy artillery: Some ice cream and fruit pops.

12:05 AM - So, Channels 4 WNBC, Fox 5, UPN 9, and WPIX 11 have coverage of the strike - or, rather, waiting for the TWU to announce SOMETHING - while Channel 2 WCBS has Jim Carrey on Letterman and Channel 7 WABC is showing a blowout football game. Please!

12:01 AM (Tuesday) - Deadline has come, Transport Workers Union board voting right now, most likely to authorize a strike.

11:56 PM - The waiting is killing us.

11:50 PM - The SubChat message board is going crazy!

11:46 PM - David Letterman cracks a strike joke: Mayor Bloomberg says the trains will be "U drive 'em."

11:45 PM (Monday) - Reports say a strike is inevitable...