The 25-year-old campaign treasurer for NYC Comptroller John Liu may be charged with campaign fraud, but that hasn't stopped her social network updates. According to the Post, Jia "Jenny" Hou posted on Weibo, "Sometimes I think, in this cruel city, is it only your conscience that can be trusted but no one else? I am a girl from Beijing, always will be, and I am proud of it. To all my friends who care, I’m OK. Don’t worry."

Some believe that Hou was set up as a patsy for Liu's growing campaign fundraising scandal, which has also ensnared a fundraiser. A staffer in Liu's comptroller office told the Post that Hou would likely "bring [Liu] down"—if convicted, Hou would face 60 years in prison— but Hou's mother's comments to a Chinese-language newspaper suggest Hou may not actually do that:

“Jenny even gave him comfort and said, ‘How come you are not as calm as my parents?’ ” Hou’s mom, Sui Xiang Zhu, recounted when Liu spoke with Hou following the arrest of his campaign aide Tuesday.

“What John Liu is doing is not for his personal benefit, but for all of the Chinese community. Hou Jia’s [Jenny Hou’s] sacrifice is also for the Chinese community,” Zhu said.

Her mom also said that Hou will work to get her master’s degree — even in prison if necessary.

“She’s so young, and for her life, this can be a good thing for her,” Zhu said.

Being charged by the feds "can be a good thing for" you? That's so Tiger Mother!

Anyway, Liu is playing it cool: He told reporters yesterday, "My campaign has been accused of many allegations. My supporters have been accused. My staff, my campaign staff has been accused. At some point, as I've always said, like with every other candidate, I'm responsible for what happens with my own campaign and will continue to do so.” He was also concerned for the reporters who were asking him questions while he walked, telling them not to trip.

The Daily News reports that top labor figures are avoiding the scandal-plagued Liu (and even Google suggests "scandal" in "John Liu" searches).