Now that a jury has found Darryl Littlejohn guilty for the murder of John Jay graduate student Imette St. Guillen, St. Guillen's family is working on their civil suit against the bouncer. And the NY Post reports that Littlejohn stands to inherit $750,000 from his late mother's estate. Initially, when St. Guillen's lawyer Joseph Tacopina did a search in 2006, Littlejohn, an ex-con, had no money to his name. But this past April, Queens Probate Court filings showed that Littlejohn's mother left two homes, one in Queens and one in South Carolina. Tacopina said he would file for a lien on the estate, "We did not expect this was going to happen. But we had our eyes on any court decisions in his name...We want to get [the money] in the hands of the Spirit of Imette Foundation." Lawyers for Littlejohn, who faces life in prison for the murder, say they plan to appeal.