A judge today sentenced 41-year-old bouncer Darryl Littlejohn to life in prison without parole after being convicted last month of the rape and murder of graduate student Imette St. Guillen. Littlejohn did not speak on his own behalf and NY1 says he showed no visible sign of remorse. Defense attorneys say they plan to appeal after trying to peg the murder on Danny Dorian, the manager of the club Littlejohn met and left with St. Guillen from. Today the judge "chastised workers of (The Falls) and asked how they could show such indifference." Before the sentence, St. Guillen's mother read a letter from her daughter about her life in New York and her sister told the court, "I understand there is no punishment that will bring Imette back and that is why there is never closure." Littlejohn will serve the sentence consecutively along with 25 years he received for another kidnapping and assault of a Queens woman.