As the defense vowed to continue their fight another day, the mother of Imette St. Guillen wept with joy and expressed gratitude to the jury who quickly delivered a guilty verdict against Darryl Littlejohn for the rape and murder of her daughter. Outside the courtroom where the bouncer was convicted yesterday, Maureen St. Guillen said, "With Imette's death, all of our lives are forever darkened. A little piece of us died with her. Her love and caring for others was never-ending."

Defense attorney Joyce David said that they plan to appeal the case, which in her closing arguments she had painted as a frame job to protect bar manager Danny Dorrian. David said, "I hope the family gets some closure from this, but I believe they have the wrong man."

Jurors spoke to reporters after the verdict, mostly saying that they focused in on the DNA evidence of Littlejohn's blood being found on one of the ropes used to tie St. Guillen. One juror said, "There were so many things that kept adding up. The blood on the ties, the cell phone towers, asking his girlfriend to give him an alibi. It all kept adding up and, in the end, nobody had any doubts. It was an easy decision." Another told the Post, "I think we the jurors did a good job."

Mrs. St. Guillen said to the jury, "The defense did everything they could to distract and confuse you. Thank you for your ability to come to your decision and at last give Imette justice."