Just a little over three weeks after the Imette St. Guillen trial began, it is now in the hands of jurors who will decide the fate of Darryl Littlejohn for sexually assaulting and murdering the graduate student from Boston. In closing arguments yesterday, Littlejohn's defense lawyer Joyce David accused police of a conspiracy to protect his boss, bar manager Danny Dorrian, whose brother-in-law was an adviser to Rudy Giuliani. David said, "Darryl Littlejohn was the solution to all their problems: solving the city's biggest crime at the time, protecting Danny Dorrian and protecting Rudy Giuliani from another scandal while he was running for President." David said St. Guillen and Dorrian could have had "a weird bondage thing." Prosecutor Kenneth Taub responded to the vague allegations by calling them "the rankest kind of speculation" and said there is "a mountain of evidence" against Littlejohn. Update: After six hours of deliberation, the jury has found Littlejohn guilty of rape and first-degree murder.